JavaScript for the n00bs

2 min readOct 6, 2021

I have been going back over the fundamentals of JavaScript to make sure I fully grasp what I learned in my boot camp. I have been all over the internet following essential training courses — Linkedin Learning, Coursera, Udemy, YouTube, etc. Hitting roadblocks is just part of the process, BUT I have found CodeSmith’s free JavaScript courses and coding challenges to be very helpful. This is one of my favorite resources thus far — I highly suggest it for beginners that want to deep dive into JS.


When I came across this challenge today I thought that it was going to be a quick solution. I’m sure it is to any seasoned developer — but as I am still wrapping my head around all of the possibilities with arrays, this problem stood out to me.

I read ‘loop through the arrays’ and immediately thought that I knew how to solve the challenge. I just needed to write the for loops for each array and push them to the bios array, but it wasn’t making sense as I started typing it out. There were too many loops, too many [i]s, too many semicolons.

I looked at a few questions on StackOverflow because I felt that I was on the right track, but needed a little bit of guidance. The beauty of this problem is that you don’t have to loop through each separate array because they are equal lengths. So ultimately, you only need to create a for loop of one array and then push to bios from there!

I know that learning a programming language takes diligent practice, patience, and a lot of trial & error. I’m learning slowly but surely. I’d love to connect with other boot camp grads and anyone starting their coding journey.

Let’s support each other and keep going :)